Greg and Vicki Syverson in Pachuca, Mexico

Getting through the airport

This is how to get from the plane to us in the airport.
1) Get off the plane and follow the crowd to the immigration desks (“migración”). There will be two lines, one for Mexicans and one for “foreigners” or "extanjeros", follow the foreigners (non-Mexican citizens) and go to that line. That is where you give them your passport and VISA form that you should have filled out on the plane. They will give you part of the form back, KEEP THIS WITH YOUR PASSPORT IN A SAFE PLACE AS IT IS YOUR PERMISSION TO LEAVE MEXICO.
2) Next you go and get your luggage, after you get your luggage you will need to show your luggage receipt to a guard as you leave the area (they will probably ask for it).
3) Next you go to customs... When you are on the airplane they will give you a customs form (one per family) to fill out, and I don’t think you will really have to fill out much (you won’t have to declare anything for customsÖso I believe you just answer “no” to all the questions.). At Customs there will be a guard that will ask for the form and will put it in the computer or have you push a button, it will either say "O.K." (GREEN LIGHT) or "you need to have you bags checked" (RED LIGHT). If you get a red light and need to have your luggage inspected, do not worry about it. Just cooperate fully and it should be over quickly and painlessly. I think that it is only random. After this you keep walking forward to some glazed glass doors. They will automatically open and you will see a bunch of people waiting for passengers to exit. We will be part of that sea of people, and we will come up to you there.

Instructions for filling out the Immigration Form (Migratory Form For Foreign Tourist, Transmigrant)
Everyone has to fill out this form individually (unlike the customs form which is one per family).
1. Name (First Name, Last Name):
2. Country of Birth: USA 3. Current Nationality: USA
4. Date of Birth: (Day/Month/Year) 5. Sex: (mark box)
6. Civil Status: (mark box)
7. Permanent Address: your street address (top line)
City, State, USA (2nd line)
8. Main Destination in Mexico: Lopez Mateos 106(first line)
Pachuca, Hidalgo (second line)
9. Passport Number: (# inside passport) 10. Expiration Date: (Inside passport)
11. Place of Issue: (inside passport)
12: Occupation: 13. Airline and Flight #: (the flight
attendants should help with this)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The rest of the form is not for you to fill out, except at the bottom you have to fill out #’s 1-4 again. They will tear this part off for you to keep until you are ready to leave Mexico. (KEEP THIS FORM IN YOUR PASSPORT---YOU NEED IT WHEN YOU LEAVE THE COUNTRY)

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