Greg and Vicki Syverson in Pachuca, Mexico
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Lazaro and Claudia

We consider Lazaro and Claudia the best (Mexican) friends that we have made here. We first met them at our small group meeting at Aquilina’s house. They were interested in learning more about the Bible, so we did an evangelistic Bible study with them and soon after I hade the privilege of baptizing them. We learned pretty quickly that they had a lot of marriage problems. They were at the brink of divorce. We met with them once (with plans to have more counseling sessions) to talk about their problems. I don’t think that we said anything really profound, just that we listened and gave a little advice, but God used that one marriage consoling session to begin a greatl work in their marriage. Their marriage has greatly improved in the past 2 years. Lazaro eventually became my small group assistant, reading his Bible faithfully and really soaking it up. Two months before we left for California he became a leader of his own small group. Both he and Claudia are excited about sharing their faith! God is also doing a great work in both of their extended families and they have seen the way that God can change lives. We praise God for the way HE has worked in our friends' lives!